The world’s first commercial deployment of TVkey took place at German satellite operator HD+ (a subsidiary of SES) in February 2017.  During a promotional period, buyers of compatible Samsung TV sets at participating dealers in Germany will receive the HD+ TVkey free of charge by registering on the Samsung website This also entitles them to a free 6-month HD+ subscription, which upon expiration can be converted to a regular subscription.

“The HD+ TVkey gives consumers HD+ channels without the need of a separate receiver or CAM module with smartcard – meaning access to HD+ becomes even easier,” said Georges Agnes, Managing Director and COO at HD PLUS GmbH.

“Working with Samsung also gives us the ability to reach new customers as soon as they buy a new television through instant HD+ service activation. And because the solution uses the security we know and trust from NAGRA, we know our content partners will be satisfied.”

For more information about the HD+ TVkey, visit HD+ website (German site).